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Wine Reviews June

19 Jun

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Wine Reviews May

15 May


Heathcote, Victoria

RRP $23.00

wine, label, heathcote, victoria

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Wine Reviews April

10 Apr


Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

RRP $30.00

wine, label, grass

People tend to match wine with food and vice versa. It is an aspect of working with wine that I adore. Food AND wine? How could you not? However I also have an alternate matching battle going on in my head. Not only am I constantly thinking about food, but my mind has the habit of immediately wandering which song might suit the style, the flavours and the whole package of the wine before me. I’ll admit, it’s a bit strange.

Unashamedly, it turns out that my choice of Caribbean-style melody and dance seen in Kaoma’s 1989 version of ‘Lambada’ was the perfect accompaniment. This may seem non sequitur, considering that we are talking about the locally grown Italian white grape called Arneis, but allow me to explain as there is always a method to my madness.

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Wine Reviews March

13 Mar

PHI Chardonnay 2008 

Yarra Valley, Victoria

RRP $46.00

La Donna del Vino

Dear Patrick Hernandez,

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Wine Reviews February

14 Feb


King Valley & Alpine Valley, Victoria

RRP $24

wine, review, Heathcote, white wine, chardonnay, petit manseng, viognier

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Wine Reviews January

10 Jan


Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria

RRP $35

wine, Upper Yarra Valley, gothic, label, Franco d'Anna

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Wine Reviews December

13 Dec

FOSTER E ROCCO Nuovo Sangiovese 2011

Heathcote, Victoria

RRP $30

Heathcote, wine, Australia, Victoria

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Wine Reviews November

15 Nov

CASTAGNA Allegro Rosé 2009

Beechworth, Victoria

RRP $34

Wine, bottle, rosé, Beechworth

They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time…it works every time

That may be a quote that I stole from the movie Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy [2004], but such a highly intelligent saying could also be applied to the wine style rosé. We are in the midst of a Rosé revolution that hosts events through the month of November. However according to my standards of rosé appreciation and ridiculously good mathematical calculations, it is actually a beverage that has the capacity to be consumed during two thirds of the year, if not more. Melbourne weather permitting, I am referring to the period from the end of October to the start of May. “60% of the time…it works every time”.

On November 10th, I celebrated the beginning of the revolution with this rosé from Castagna called Allegro, which easily confirmed its position as one of Australia’s top rosé wines. What can I say? It is difficult to dislike such a pretty peach, salmon, blush hued wine. Well actually no. That was a blatant lie because if the wine did not perform and do wondrous things in my mouth then I would not speak of it so highly.

Fear not, Julian Castagna has created a wicked rosé mistress of layered complexity like no other.

She beckons you forth by opening with a perfume of sweet pink musk followed by a gentle puff of smoke. Soft and playful on the palate, she kisses you with sugared almond lips dusted with vanilla icing. Texturally, Madame rosé has got curves in all the right places and in the right proportions with that final flavoured flush of rose water pinning you down for another glass. She brings an impressive 14.00% alcohol to the table, but with such a vivacious personality, it is no wonder that you are more than tempted to have a bit of a play with the alluring rosé.

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Wine Reviews October

18 Oct

NARKOOJEE Pinot Noir 2009

Gippsland, Victoria

RRP $24

Gippsland, Victoria, wine

I sat there gazing at the Pinot Noir before me, which at first glance had the appearance and hue of a deep, unfiltered Burgundy.

Won’t you take me to funkytown!“, I sung to myself.

This steers away from the more ubiquitous style of primary fruit-driven Pinot Noir that you tend to find at this price range. In fact, I’d almost dare to say that it’s a little naughty to be offering such chompy, boastfully-flavoured, savoury goodness so cheaply.

How very Mrs Robinson!

The Graduate, undo bra

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Wine Reviews September

13 Sep

SHADOWFAX Viognier 2010

Goulburn Valley, Victoria

RRP $25

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Wine Reviews August

9 Aug

BY FARR Chardonnay 2007

Geelong, Victoria

RRP $55

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Wine Reviews April

18 Mar

TEDESCHI Soave Classico DOC 2009

Veneto, Italy

Here we have the perfect aperitif, or should I say, aperitivo, like the Italians? Well…when in Rome! This is made from the Garganega grape variety in the hills of the classic Soave zone of the north-eastern Veneto region of Italy. It is the sort of wine to begin your lunch or evening with as it is beautifully rounded with a green apple crispness, good body and juicy texture with a delightful hint of almonds to the finish. Fruity yet complex plus agreeably low in alcohol, this is a wine that will not cause complaints! Ideally paired with aperativo foods, fish and white meats.

RRP $27.00

CULLEN Mangan Petit Verdot Malbec Merlot 2009

Margaret River, WA, Australia

Ahh blends. They’re a polarising bunch. Under the right winemaking skill varietal blends work so that the flavours and grape characteristics intertwine harmoniously. This is a shining example made from a very complimentary blend of Petit Verdot, Malbec and Merlot. Hello to a nose of blood plums with hints of mulberry and a sprinkling of pepper. The palate has fantastic fruit concentration and body but overall is medium-weighted, which is reflected in the lower alcohol content of 12.5%.  Being Cullen means being biodynamic, which means these wines are not overworked and express themselves as they should be. There’s no pretentiousness here. This is top quality wine from one of the wine community’s most respected Australian producers.

RRP $38.00

KELLERMEISTER Dry Grown Shiraz 2008

Barossa Valley, SA, Australia

Ahh Kellermeister, you’ve done it again. This is such a seemingly black-fruited wine due to the Shiraz fruit coming from some of the oldest vines in the Barossa Valley. Lifted aromas of dark cherry, mulberry and dark bitter chocolate greet you then gently hint to aniseed, complex savoury aromas and a good touch of smoky, cedary oak. It is velvety and voluptuous in mouthfeel, politely leaving a crux of blackberry, liquorice and spice flavours as the lingering aftertaste. Ideally complements game, beef and vintage cheeses.

RRP $34.00