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Wine Reviews October

20 Oct

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Wine Reviews July

9 Jul

wine reviews july


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They call it Pallagrellooooo

29 Jan
Alepa Riccio Bianco Pallagrello Bianco 2010 & Nanni Cope' Sabbia di Sopra il Bosco 2009

Alepa Riccio Bianco Pallagrello Bianco 2010 & Nanni Cope’ Sabbia di Sopra il Bosco 2009

It was a combination of the inner, studious geek within me and this article ‘Grape varieties you’ve never heard of’ by Jancis Robinson that had me keen to research and understand the Pallagrello varieties of Campania in southern Italy.


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Wine Reviews November

13 Nov

Olivers Taranga Fiano, Pikes Premio Sangiovese, Freeman Corvina Secco

I recently spent a week up in the sun-drenched town of Mildura as an associate judge for the Australian Alternative Varietal Wine Show. In the lead up I found myself embracing all things alternative, delicious and interesting.

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I’ll Come Running Back To You

27 Mar

It began with an array of memories that washed over my mind. Then there were the Steely Dan songs I heard aired on the radio. Then I was outside gardening and loving the feeling of dirt between my fingers.

All this developed into a deep longing. I recall the sensation as it was building: A palatable excitement…A nervous grin…An itch…

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Where The Wild Things Are

6 Mar
Wild Boar, shooter, gunman, hunter

Source unknown

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