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Flight of the Vermin

24 Apr
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Referring to the upper advertisement, not the lower, but don’t take my advice…

An excerpt from ‘Sleeping and Waking‘ [December, 1934] in F.Scott Fitzgerald’sOn Booze‘ notebook.

My own experience with night pests was at a time of utter exhaustion – too much work undertaken, interlocking circumstances that made the work twice as arduous, illness within and around – the old story of troubles never coming singly. And ah, how I had planned that sleep that was to crown the end of the struggle – how I had looked forward to the relaxation into a bed soft as a cloud and permanent as a grave. An invitation to dine à deux with Greta Garbo would have left me indifferent.

But had there been such an invitation I would have done well to accept it, for instead I dined alone, or rather was dined upon by one solitary mosquito.

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