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Wine Reviews August

23 Aug


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Sorrenberg Chardonnay and Gamay 2009

8 Dec

Not bad for an after work drink

Was drinking the Sorrenberg Chardonnay 2009 at my work today. Super intriguing wine and one of a kind in Australia. Also a big fan of his 2009 Gamay. Sorrenberg’s Barry Morey’s humble offerings earn praise year after year, whether it is for his Sauvignon Blanc/ Semillon, or his stunning Chardonnay which I constantly pine for. His latest Gamay continues this strong tradition. Intriguingly it contains a small portion of Pinot Noir to combine two French styles of Beaujolais and Burgundy. The result is seamless but remarkably distinct with red berry aromatics tied to a hint of fresh cherry. For something made in the depths of a cellar underneath Barry’s house, the wine is a true delight said by those who know all about it.