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Conto Rosso and the Bianco Notte

20 Sep

Can you tell I have been too busy to write? We’ve processed a large proportion of the Moscato d’Asti already, which has been tiring seeing as we start at 5:30am in the morning. But the smell as the grapes are crushed is divine. Do you know it smells just like the resultant wine? The yeast we use too smells just like fresh nectarines and peaches as we’re making the starter culture! So many good smells in the winery! For someone like me with a manic-sniffing nose, that sort of thing puts a smile on my face regardless of the task I am doing.

After an exhausting day of work today I went out to dinner with my flatmate Manuela and her sister Ele to a restaurant in Alba called Conto Rosso. It was quite busy in the town centre because it was the first festival day in tartufo (truffle) season. The night was called Bianco Notte (white night).

Manuela ed Ele – sono sorelle

For dinner I ate a delicious antipasto of carne crudo di vitello (raw veal) with lemon dressing. For main I had a ravioli del Phin in a rabbit sugo. For dessert, gelato!

We drank: 2006 Elio Grasso Barbera d’Alba. Disappointing, weak nose, unbalanced acidity, weak structure. Shame…