Random: I’ll Be There With Bells On…

24 Oct

Not long ago I began receiving RSVP’s to my upcoming wedding. One friend commented to me in person that she would be there ‘with bells on’. The phrase got me thinking…what on earth would it look like to attend a party ‘with bells on’?
I decided to resort to my trusty friend, Mr Google. I think I typed in ‘woman with bells on‘ and wadd’ya know, the above video came up. It hasn’t been viewed millions of times, but I thought I should give it a nudge as it is simply ridiculous, not to mention the commentary…

Enjoy :-/

One Response to “Random: I’ll Be There With Bells On…”

  1. marisaraniolowilkins October 24, 2014 at 8:45 AM #

    Ben fatto! or Good on you! And if you are really getting married, Good wishes and let the bells ring!

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