I Dream of Gene [Kelly]

25 Sep

Dancing the Salsa as part of the Street Latin bronze medal

Dancing has had me enamoured ever since I was a little girl. I grew up watching the old musicals such as ‘Calamity Jane‘, ‘Annie‘, ‘Oliver‘, ‘The Sound of Music‘ and my favourite, ‘Singin’ In The Rain‘. Consequently, music and dance have always played an enjoyable part in my life.

Gene Kelly and his tapping feet in my favourite scene

I was 17 years old when my mother decided to enrol me in a few classes of ballroom and Latin dancing. Having danced ballroom herself as a young lady, she kindly offered to pay for these first few lessons after which I would choose if I wanted to continue. I often dreamt of Gene Kelly and his tapping feet, which were part of the inspiration that encouraged me to give this dancing thing a go. I admire the film stars of yesteryear who worked during a time in the industry where it was assumed that you not only had the ability to act, but also to sing and dance. I suppose I’ve always thought it would be nice to have been born in that era. Perhaps I would have the talent to be the next Rita Hayworth or something. Acting probably isn’t my thing though, so I’ll stick to dancing.

Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire tapping it out

After a few trial runs with my new dance teacher Charles, I enjoyed the dancing so much that I continued to pursue the sport long after finishing high school. It wasn’t until my winemaking studies required me to work interstate and travel overseas that I found myself having to postpone the classes indefinitely. A number of years passed while I traipsed around the globe. Finally, after possibly too many nights watching ‘Singin’ In The Rain‘, ‘All Aboard The Bandwagon‘ and ‘Dirty Dancing’, I found myself motivated to rediscover the dancer within. So I started dancing again in the city. Fast forward five months later and there I was alone with my new teacher Desh on the dance floor about to undertake my bronze medal routine in the street Latin category. In front of my parents and boyfriend, I dipped and swayed my hips to the Merengue, held a serious face for the Tango Argentine and even sashayed my way around the floor doing the Salsa. Fortunately I won the medal and was ‘highly commended’. Happy days!

JONES ROAD Nepean Chardonnay 2011

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

RRP $45.00

A wine that danced on my lips a few months ago and did so again last night was the Jones Road Nepean Chardonnay 2011 from the Mornington Peninsula. The grapes are grown by Rob Frewer and made at Sticks winery with assistance provided and consultation by Nick Stock. The Nepean Chardonnay is the top selection of grapes and hits with fresh and quartz-like aromas on the nose and hints of brass and white nectarine. There’s plenty of grapefruit acidity to string everything together with a touch of lemon curd that makes itself known in the mid-palate. The finish is satiny smooth making it quite easy to reach for another pour. 

Swinging along with the Jones Road Nepean Chardonnay 2011

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