To train the growth, or go all bush?

28 Nov

What did you think this would be?

I dissertation that discussed the potential benefits in ‘To groom, or not to groom your nether regions?’

As much as I would like to venture into great detail on the topic (I kid), this is a blog that is read most eagerly by none other than my mother, which tends to prevent ghastly filth from pouring from my mouth and onto the keyboard. I have heard that it is probably a good thing to be tamed.

Continuing on, the play on words at least allowed me to demonstrate my cunning punning expertise.

I will call it my ‘cun pun‘, for short.

white man afrored hair afro vintagediana ross afro, vintage

 The truth of the matter is, I am interested to learn about the wines and vines of Sicilia (Sicily) in southern Italy.

Which brought me to pose the titled question ‘To train the growth, or go all bush?’, in an area where the alberello (bush-trained vine) was the traditional mode of viticulture.

I am fascinated by the wines of the Siciliani, specifically the ones that are grown natively in the Mount Etna area. Carricante, Nerello Cappuccio and Nerello Mascalese. How many secrets do they hold?

As a Sicilian grapegrower, do you opt to ‘train the growth’ of these natives and cut overall costs in manual labour?

Bolgheri, Piastraia vineyard, Trellised vines, Italy, Tuscany, vineyard

Trellised vines - Photograph taken by La Donna del Vino

Or do you go ‘all bush’?

Bush vines, grapevines, no trellis, Sicilia

Alberello (bush) vines in Sicily growing without any trellising (training) system. The more natural state. Like Tasmania.

I think that if, no, allow me to retract that. I think that when I go to Sicily next year to explore just like the great men and women before me, that this will be something that I can absorb and learn more about.

For now, I will have to satisfy my Sicilian vinous appetite with an upcoming dinner this Monday evening with friends exploring all things Etnean.

To be continued…next week.

One Response to “To train the growth, or go all bush?”

  1. sammy December 2, 2011 at 10:22 PM #

    I thought you might of been talking about mo vember actually.

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