Tenute Cisa Asinari Dei Marchesi di Gresy & Alberto

30 Dec

I consider myself very lucky because life gave me, almost for fun, the chance to live an uncommon ‘agricultural’ experience.” – Alberto Cisa Asinari di Gresy, in Piemonte…noblewoman of wine by Andrea Zanfi

Alberto Cisa Asinari di Gresy by his very lovely Porsche

Photograph by Gio’ Martorana, Piemonte…noblewoman of wine

Today I recalled a beautiful moment after bottling some La Spinetta Ca di Pian 2006 at work one day in 2008, when the cellarmaster Stefano took me to see Martinenga vineyard at the Marchesi di Gresy winery in Barbaresco as we knew Alberto the proprietor would be there to show us around. Stefano used to work there for a great number of years before moving to La Spinetta so it’s not like he needed to be ‘shown around’, but hey, it had been more for my sake anyway.

Marchesi di Gresy winery surrounded by vineyards

They have a really lovely set up there, it’s more environmentally friendly with solar power, gravity feeding and proper drainage and circulation systems and he’s planted all these wonderful herbs and fruits for the kitchen they have there. Gorgeous. He’s a very lucky man like he said! Alberto had taken us around the whole place then we sat down and tried three of the wines there:


2000 Langhe Chardonnay for TCAMG – Lots of impressionable oak, fresh fruit hidden behind it, good length and texture.

2003 ‘Virtus’ Barbera 60% and Cabernet Sauvignon by TCAMG – Full burst of flavour, smooth and concentrated palate.

2003 ‘Gaiun’ Barbaresco – Elegant flavours, texture, length all singing harmoniously, fine backbone of tannin.

After a delightful and positive tasting we had decided to go and eat lunch at a nearby restaurant ‘quickly’, which turned into a two hour lunch with Bruno Rocca of Rabaja’ fame where we sampled his 2006 Barbera d’Alba too.

2006 Bruno Rocca Barbera d’Alba – Delicious and smooth, full flavour concentration, fantastic length and a great wine with our lunch!

After our ‘quick’ lunch Stefano and I had had to dash back to work significantly late…All good though – everything was bottled by the time we got back!

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