Arriverderci Bolgheri

20 Jan
Casa dolce casa (home sweet home) 20th Gennaio 2010

Having spent the best part of January travelling around south-western Europe it was nice to come back to my old home Bolgheri in Tuscany for three days to just relax, eat fantastic food, and hang out with my friends and take the time to show mum around the countryside by bike and foot. We had a great time here and I got to show mum just how wonderful the Meletti-Cavallari’s really are at Grattamacco. Below are some of the last photos of our trip. Enjoy. The next instalments for La Donna Del Vino will be when I am in South Australia. I move there on Saturday to begin work on Monday at Henschke Winery in the Barossa Valley.

La macchina bella di Claudio (il meccanico di Piermario)
Claudio’s beautiful car (Piermario’s mechanic)

L’albero famoso di Toscana (the famous Tuscan tree)

Facendo una passeggiata nella città di Bolgheri (strolling through the town of Bolgheri)

Portando la Zaira per una passeggiata a Castagneto Carducci (Taking Zaira for a walk in Castagneto Carducci)

Il modo vecchio per asciugare i vestiti in Toscana (the old way of drying your clothes in Tuscany)

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