Last picking day

25 Sep
Today we picked the last of the fruit that will eventually go into Giorgio’s wines at a vineyard belonging to some ancient lawyer dude from Milan called Meda, or as I like to called him, Merda 🙂
We had only 24 rows of Cabernet Franc so by midday with six of us picking and one on the tractor we were already done!
Me with the snips! Watch out!
Roberto and Alessio
Back at the winery we processed all the 10 bins of fruit (whoo babbbbyyy 10 bins crazy!) then Greta and I worked on the pumpovers again. She’s been wearing gloves lately so she doesn’t ruin her lovely hands…I on the other hand as you can imagine do not have elegant hands, much to the mothers dismay, so I’m the one the majority of times on top of the tank.

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