Sono Italiana, finalmente!

8 Sep

This morning I awoke to the annoying sound of vibration from my Australian mobile. Turns out I was not to be annoyed as it was a message from the dear mother saying, “Good morning bella, congratulations, as of today you are an Italian citizen!” So evidently dad has gone into the Italian Consulate of Melbourne and spoken with Antonio who had already filed our documents and sent away all the papers to our Commune over here! Woo hoo! Now I am having my certificate of citizenship sent over here so if any bloody Carabinieri pull me up I can flash that back in their faces! Ha!

In the meantime I have a photocopy which my boss Giorgio is using to get my codice fiscale (tax file number) and I’ll also eventually go to the Commune and get a carta di identicà (identity card).

This morning we did a whole bunch of pumpovers on the red wines that are fermenting. Greta at one stage had a really blond moment evidently and opened the tank valve after she’d connected her hose but I was still holding onto my end as I had not climbed on top of the tank yet. So I’m about to head up then notice a stream of red stuff coming in my direction at a rapid pace through my end of the hose and I had about a second before I was able to quickly clap my hand over the end and stop it spraying everywhere before yelling in her direction, “CHIUDI LA VALVOLA GRETA! CHE CAZZO FAI?!?!” (excuse the language…and the pun! Haha)

Apart from that tiny bit of drama us girls went off with some boxes of wine to Bolgheri, dropped them off then decided to grab an aperativo before lunch, so a glass of spumante was sent my way! What lovely work! I’ve been taking snapshots of video footage with my camera today to put together in a way to make a small film of a day during vintage…though it will end up being sort of a joke as today was not that busy, with us drinking during work hours and what not. Ah well, nice to see what it’s like over here. I’ll work on getting the video posted…

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