Come verde sono tutte le cose qua!

31 Aug
One of the first things I have noticed about this part of Tuscany that I am in after travelling around with Greta quite a bit in the car to the beach and around the place, is that is is really green. Being towards the end of summer I would have thought (just based on pictures I’d seen of Tuscany) that it would be more like golden cascading hills with the odd Cyprus tree thrown in there. But it’s actually quite cool, since I’m only a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea it obviously has a more maritime climate and thankfully a soft sea breeze that makes the world of difference in the afternoon and at night.
Apart from that, that landscape is overtly green and everywhere I lookfrom my bedroom window I can see just heaps of different shades of this colour! It’s great! The other thing is that this Maremma coastline is covered in forest…so where I would have thought there would be bare countryside, I’m surrounded by trees…and lots of sea pines.

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