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The Homemade Wine Critic

16 Aug

I remember the first time that I announced to my Dad and his wino buddies that I was thinking of studying winemaking. I was standing around a large plastic tub filled with bobbing black grapes, my Dad was off to one side carrying an emptied wooden crate, family friend Dino held his home-made macerating device in the tub, cousin Julian was having a debate with my Dad, while cousin John wielded the hose and was seen cleaning the machinery post-crushing. It was a typical homemade winemaking setting, with Dino’s mother Rita standing by to complete the picture.

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Random: The Geek. The Poet. The Loner

5 Jul

Growing up, I have always been a geek. I was even the teacher’s pet.

If you’re one of my friends, or have met me previously and know how I roll, then that’s not too difficult a concept to imagine or believe.

I am a proud geek though, Buddy Holly glasses and all.

The ever-so-cool Buddy Holly

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