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New Challenges for this Wine Stooge

25 Mar

Curly, Moe and Larry judging wine…

Despite the comical nature of the above photograph, I have had a productive couple of weeks in wine.

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We go together

30 Oct

It was only a few weeks ago that the judging part of the Royal Melbourne Wine Show (RMWS) occurred over at Flemington. I was the youngest associate to join a group of wine industry folk who would spend four full days tasting and judging the huge selection of wines submitted for assessment. Fast forward three weeks later and the fruits of our labour have been publicly released with a series of trophy winners, namely the famous Jimmy Watson trophy going to Best’s Great Western Shiraz Bin 1 2011.

Days spent putting 150 wines in our mouths did not seem so bad when the camaraderie amongst the gang this year was a real joy. That includes the addition of the two international judges Jamie Goode (from the UK) and James Suckling (from the US, who I should mention lives in Tuscany). Hence the reason why Grease’s ‘We Go Together’ was running through my head as I wrote this. We all worked hard, but the results at the end of this post speak for themselves. We did good.

Here is a collection of dodgy Instagram-type photos of the ordinary times, the good times, and the shenanigans that we all got up to.


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The Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2011 – Two Heads Are Better Than One

25 Oct

I once stumbled across a collection of words followed by a gorgeous photograph in a magazine that I used to find quite witty, but which has now fallen to that infuriating level of try-hard.

Hence, I subscribe to it no longer.

I may or may not have written them a letter reading,

Dear off-the-pulse editor of the magazine,
Farewell. You no longer fulfil me.

The point is however, that I believed in the motivational strength of these words so much that I applied it as somewhat of a philosophy for myself to work on in the year 2011 and beyond.

“Get out there. Share your ideas. Find your kinships. Start something new. Two heads are better than one.”

Edie Sedgewick and film director Ray Wisniewski in conversation at Andy Warhol

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