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The Art of Imbibing

11 Oct

art deco poster, cinzano, dry, extra dryArt deco poster, Aperol Aperitivoart deco poster, campari l'aperitivo

“What is art?”, I asked my Grade 6 Art teacher, the oh-so-appropriately named Mr Brushfield.

Mr Brushfield was momentarily flustered. For a twelve-year old, this bordered on the precipice of being a question almost as broad and curious as the existentialist’s classic, “What is the meaning of life?”

Art is specifically indefinable; a concept and product that is open for debate and interpretation by whomever has an opinion. However to look at it in its most simplest form, art is the product of creativity and imagination.

It evokes emotion.

It sparks passionate discussion.

It moves you.

It should leave you wanting more.

La Donna del Vino is certainly not an art blog. That is something I would leave to my wondrously talented artist of a mother who has enlightened and taught me the appreciation of art since I was little. However a blog allows one to probe occasionally into unexpected territory.

Art has traditionally been defined in the work of painting, sculpture, music, literature or even dance. For today only and for the purpose of relating my askew way of thinking to something more La-Donna-del-Vino-appropriate, I would like to trial the tolerance of inserting ‘Imbibing’ into that accepted spectrum of the art world.

You will have to excuse the use of the word ‘imbibing’ instead of something more commonly used such as ‘drinking alcohol’, but ‘The Art of Imbibing’ just sounded so much more appealing and enticing to read than ‘The Art of being a Damn Fine Boozehound’. Or am I just out of touch and should have rethought that?

Regardless, in the spirit of Julie Andrews:

Let's start from the very beginning, singing to kids, Julie Andrews

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

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