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26 Jun
Sipping, wine tasting, wine, glasses, red, drinking, spitting

Battlesipping in my Barolo King T-shirt. Any commentary on my attire can be directed to Nick Stock.

When I came up with the name for this post I had a good, hearty giggle to myself. I know I’m a lame-o, but say “Battlesip” quickly and it sounds like you have a lisp. Hey, come on. I thought it was clever! Small things really do entertain my small mind on a cold and wet wintery evening.

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Bendin’ it like Beckham – Starlight Foundation Chef’s Soccer Cup

1 Nov


Here is my recollection of the enjoyable but competitive Chef’s Soccer Cup using photos and live footage that may not have anything to do with the particular games. It is also a homage to any closet Ricky Martin fans. Yes you.

All proceeds and donations went to the Starlight Foundation who organised the event.

Look out for lucky number 13. That’s me.