Soldier of Love

25 Feb

This post comes to you a little later than normal but from the comfort of my bed as I try to recover from a bout of pharyngitis.

It is called Soldier of Love. Relax. While this post may not be about wine, it is certainly not a love story either.

Only two weekends ago I drove up with my partner to our new house and came home to discover a few new visitors in our front garden. 

A little Googling revealed it was the friendly soldier beetle. Fortunately these guys do not bite but they do hang around until the end of summer. 


This is their mating season and they are in their thousands copulating on anything in our garden, from stones to leaves to downpipe. That’s a lot of copulation.

All we can do at this stage is wait until the season is over. In the meantime, I now have these images uploaded to look at every time I go to my blog. 


Soldier beetles in plague propotions


Copulation angle 1


Copulation angle 2

The only link I found between Soldier Beetles and a great piece of music was this song by the Beatles called ‘Soldier of Love’, which sort of makes sense, considering their keen efforts in copulating in my garden.

Copulation word count: five


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