Fifty Shades of Grey

7 Aug

Perhaps you clicked on this post to see what sort of titillating stories might come out of this young lady’s brain. Well you can breath a sigh of disappointment, my perverted friends, because this post is going nowhere near the erotic literature craze that seems to have swept over 97.8% of the female population. For a more humourous take on the genre, please take a look at this blog called Haught Feelings and its post: ‘My Attempt at Erotic Fiction‘.

Today I would like to deviate from the usual topics of wine, food and Italian culture and venture into the realm of natural beauty. Or more specifically, looking at the inevitable process of going grey. Here are ten reasons (by Nancy Hall) to embrace the grey hue followed by fifty photos of fifty gorgeously grey-haired beauties.

1. It saves time and money: Life is short and grey hair is easy and (mostly) free. Use the money that you’ve saved from not colouring your hair and take a vacation to Europe … a nice, long one.

2. It’s earth-friendly: We’re all a little more environmentally conscious these days what with recycling, avoiding foods with unpronounceable ingredients, buying locally etc. So why continue putting something called p-Phenylenediamine just a few millimeters from your brain eight times a year?

3. It’s the new black: Refer to the gorgeous fifty photos below, but how can you not comment on Helen Mirren’s gorgeous silver locks, George Clooney’s wonderful grey scruff or Annie Lennox’s spunky do? Even singer/songwriter and rebel icon Patti Smith has a head full of silver — that rocks.

4. It’s flexible: There are lots of approaches to converting — from stealth to cold turkey — and you can pick the one that fits your comfort level.

5. It’s surprising: Letting your hair go grey is a little like searching for hidden treasure — you can’t be sure at the outset what you’re going to find at the end of the trail, but the journey is always interesting.

6. It’s sexy and sophisticated: Just three words: Jamie. Lee. Curtis.

7. It’s powerful: Would Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada be taken so seriously without that mane of snowy hair? Or Sean Connery been so commanding as 007 without his peppered features? Probably not.

8. It’s versatile but ultimately classic: Refer to the photos below

9. It’s real: In a society that worships youth and makes us afraid of ageing, going gray is not as much about style as it is about attitude. Going gray lets us celebrate our wisdom and maturity and throw out the script that says older men and women can’t be sexy, strong and happy.

10. It’s just hair: Going grey doesn’t have to be permanent unless you want it to be. It’s more about reflecting the person you’ve become and simply embracing it.

This post was inspired by artisan beer producer, Teo Musso.

9 Responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. matt paul August 7, 2012 at 9:06 PM #

    ahem, this is a little embarassing (for you) but I think you forgot to request my photo?

    • La Donna del Vino August 7, 2012 at 9:08 PM #

      Oh no I did too! You can replace John Howard, perhaps?
      (several hours later…)
      And it is done. You have replaced John Howard’s photo. Much of a muchness, really, isn’t it?

  2. whineandcheersforwine August 7, 2012 at 10:23 PM #

    This coming on the day I am celebrating what some may consider a milestone birthday was perfect timing 🙂 I need to embrace the gray….
    Thank you!

    • La Donna del Vino August 7, 2012 at 10:27 PM #

      Glad to have been of assistance 🙂 Happy birthday!

  3. Fammy Lee August 8, 2012 at 9:40 AM #

    Well my dear we will wait and see what happens when you get a few yourself. Its easy to say but I trust my hairdresser will slowly shift me over when the time comes. I think its ok if you have a ‘nice shade of grey’ and blondes do a nice grey/white but mousey brown can look very messy. Im going to wait a bit longer Im afraid. :0) Then ill flaunt it when Im good and ready. :0)

  4. Nick Caraturo August 8, 2012 at 9:41 AM #

    Is this your way of saying you’re going grey?

  5. matt paul August 8, 2012 at 11:34 AM #

    glad I could give my boys Brad, George and Ben some company 🙂

    • La Donna del Vino August 8, 2012 at 11:38 AM #

      I would imagine Gandalf, Kernel Sanders, The Doc and Billy Connolly are more your sort of crew. Happy faces all around.

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