Life’s a Beach

3 Jan

Bear with me.

It may be considered an aberration upon my character when I become a little deep and serious, but a recent outing to the shores of Jan Juc beach, prompted the following period of cogitation on the way of the world. Plus, I love when I can adopt the clichéd phrase, ‘metaphorically speaking‘.

Our lives are like a succession of waves

The small waves acting like the continuity of events

The more prominent waves, functioning as the major decisions we make; the crossroads

Life throws a multitude of waves our way that are unsystematically worn onto the shore, or our shoulders (metaphorically speaking)

They are omnipresent

Even if the waves happen to be big or small, gentle or rough, warm or cold

Ultimately, they will continue to tumble

When faced with waves that are big or small

We should brave them head-on instead of turning our backs

When faced with waves that are gentle or rough

We must understand our strengths, embrace the joy or weather the pain

If the sun-kissed waves all of a sudden become cold

We can brave through the initial chill and continue on with what is important

Life’s a beach

This summer will be filled with fun, sun, friends, family

And unquestionably often with a good bottle of wine

Because at the end of the day, there is not much

That a wonderful glass of wine will not help resolve

One Response to “Life’s a Beach”

  1. Lucas Menegazzo February 10, 2012 at 3:09 PM #

    Just read this. Fair to say you’re easily the second most amazing and gifted sibling in our family.

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