Rich Mahogany

22 Apr

I’m a simple kind of gal.

There are not many things I need in life to be completely happy but very recently I came one step closer to being pretty darn content and ticking something off the bucket list. 

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Wine Reviews April

10 Apr


As my birthday falls in the month of April I decided to seek out three impressive wines with equally striking labels that would make the perfect gift…hint hint.

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New Challenges for this Wine Stooge

25 Mar

Curly, Moe and Larry judging wine…

Despite the comical nature of the above photograph, I have had a productive couple of weeks in wine.

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Wine Reviews March

11 Mar



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Soldier of Love

25 Feb

This post comes to you a little later than normal but from the comfort of my bed as I try to recover from a bout of pharyngitis.

It is called Soldier of Love. Relax. While this post may not be about wine, it is certainly not a love story either.

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Wine Reviews February

11 Feb


Here are a few wines to tempt your loved ones this upcoming Valentines Day.

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Top of the world

28 Jan

So it’s official.

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Wine Reviews January

14 Jan

wine reviews january 2014

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Chortle & Chuckle

17 Dec

In the spirit of the silly season I have decided to share a few tidbits that should make you chuckle or chortle for the next minute. These pieces come to me thanks to a mad Jewish man named Dean who supplies my partner with exciting vintage leather goods, shares crazy stories and has taught me some hilarious Jewish jargon. 

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Wine Reviews December

3 Dec


It is high time that I started channelling my inner Julie Andrews with a few of my favourite things discovered in the last twelve months.

Raindrops on roses and Macedon Chardonnay

Bright copper kettles and Lagrein on a bogged day

Dirty Three Pinot with pure fruit that sings

These are a few of my favourite things 

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The Seekers – A World Of Our Own

19 Nov


My partner and I are on the lookout for a place to call our own. Only in the last few months have we commenced this pursuit of happiness and find ourselves trawling through one real estate ad after another in the evenings. We seem to be spending most of our weekends driving around various towns and getting an idea of an area, which is an exhausting process when it happens week after week, but satisfying nonetheless as we begin to narrow down the places we would be happy to settle down. We are the seekers and our journey thus far has not been in vain. Sure, we don’t actually own anything yet, but there have been a couple of close calls where we have been in the final bidding and just missed out. The icing on the cake has to go to the property where we had to revoke our offer after finding out some structures on a property were illegally installed and not approved by council. Oh the joy. With each loss though there is more learning and understanding of the process, more familiarity with an area and more wisdom in dealing with the agents we come across. I have come to realise how much easier the process can be when you have a pleasant, down-to-earth real estate agent by your side. This is not always the case, as we found out during our very first bidding experience, with a chap who turned out to be quite the dodgy operator. You live and learn.

Seeing as property seems to be what consumes a lot of our time these days, I thought it only best to post some of the great real estate ads on Google these days to lighten the mood.

Don’t forget to listen to The Seekers clip at the end.

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Wine Reviews November

5 Nov


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AWOL on the Classics

22 Oct

It happens about once a week. My partner and I will be sitting amongst family or friends laughing away when it comes about in conversation that I have yet to see a particular film. My partner looks over at me, lets out a frustrated ‘gyah’ and shakes his hands in the air. What I appear to have often missed out on is a classic or cult film. That’s not to say that I have had a misspent childhood. In fact, my siblings and I grew up watching old TV classics like Lost in Space alongside more recent pop culture hits like Seinfeld. Although combine that with my father’s interest in wrestling shows like WWF might help explain something. My interpretation of classic films must differ to my partners. I hold children’s films like ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Ewoks Caravan of Courage’ in high esteem (the former due to my keen interest in David Bowie)…is that wrong? Suffice to say that there is a growing list of films that my partner wishes for me to see.

Bowie gif

Dreamboat Bowie in Labyrinth

In the interest of keeping up with the Jones, I would like you, dear reader; to add on any suggestions I should add to the Classic Films That Krystina Has Yet To See list.

The Classic Films That Krystina Has Yet To See list

Good Morning Vietnam


The Graduate

The Usual Suspects

The Matrix

The Power of One

Monty Python (in general)

Pulp Fiction

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Star Wars series

Wine Reviews October

8 Oct


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Bibemus honours the Tyrolese

24 Sep

tyrolean costume

The Tyrolese are a lovely and talented people who speak both German and Italian. However with the majority of the population being of Austro-Bavarian heritage, I believe you would hear more ‘Ja ja, das ist eine sehr gut wine‘ in your wine travels through the area. Recently Bibemus decided to pay homage to the wines of Trentino-Alto Adige on a chilly Melbourne evening in the warm confines of Bar Di Stasio. While the group did not dress up in Tyrolean costume, I did my best my playing ‘99 Luft Balloons‘ in the background and practicing my favourite Year 7 German phrase ‘Das ist meine hamburger’ and ‘Mein Leiblingsfach ist Deutsch‘ to the poor sod sitting next to me.

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Wine Reviews September

10 Sep


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The Massa Effect

20 Aug

Some months ago I was in raptures during a meeting in Piemonte where I came face to face with a wine figure I admire greatly. He was softly spoken with gorgeous, blue-eyes. His name was Walter and he had me at ‘Ciao’.

Walter Massa

Walter Massa of Vigneti Massa

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Wine Reviews August

6 Aug


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Back to the Past: 1910

23 Jul

Dear Melbournites,

For those in love with our ol’ Melbourne town and interested in a little history lesson, then stop, sit down and take a look at this little treasure: Video footage taken of Melbourne life in 1910.

These were the days when men and boys wore caps, trilbies, bowlers and boaters. Also noticeable are their fobs holding the pocket watches. Ladies wore large ostrich feathered hats and their dresses were full length. Flinders Street Station was busy as usual and Abbotsford Ale was the main brew in those days.

Happy watching.

Sourced from KrisofferPaulsen Tumblr

Wine Reviews July

9 Jul

wine reviews july


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